Sponsorship & Donations

The band would like to acknowledge the following for their generous donations:

Keepmoat Fund grant for £1,000.

Chris Barnfather County Councillor for Newstead: donated £400.00 from
the Council’s Divisional Fund.

PWP Building Services: donated £400.00.

Joan Langridge: donated £25.00 from the selling of various greetings cards.

Chris Satterley: donated a cornet to the band.

Kevin Lee: donated two cornets and a horn to the band.

Bestwood St Albans Parish Council: donated £200.00.

Grassroots Grant Programme for £4945.00.

Christine Daws: donated a Baritone and a Tenor Horn to the Training Band.

Local Councillor Dennis Beeston: donated £200.00, £100.00 & £100.00 over the past few years.

Contest Secretary Lynn Hawksworth for her work in running raffles at the crown and county courts throughout 2007.

Local County Councillor Joe Lonergan: donated £1,000.00.

The Councillor for Bestwood Village Dennis Beeston: donated £250.00 to the band to help with buying percussion equipment.

Band Secretary Sharon Milner: donated a tenor horn to the junior band.

Stan Storer: donated a Bb Bass to the band.

Ex-Bestwood trombonist Iain Butler: donated a trombone to the junior band.

Bestwood St Albans Parish Council: donated £150.00 to the band.

Local Network Fund for £5792.57.

Local Network Fund for £4820.60.

Bridging the Gap £9201.00.

Awards For All grant for £9941.00.